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Some helpful information to assist you with planning your trek
Consider the experience and fitness level of the members of your group carefully. We can advise you about difficulties & challenges relating to each route as well as the scenic & cultural highlights of the relative regions.

Going abroad? It’s very important that you know your passport and visa requirements, which vary depending on your Nationality and destination. Foreigners who intend to visit Nepal must hold valid passport or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by the government for visiting a foreign country prior to apply for visa.

Entry: No foreigners are entitled to enter into and stay in the Kingdom of Nepal without valid visa. Tourist entry visa can be obtained for the following duration from Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate of other mission offices or the immigration offices located on entry points in Nepal.

Below is the format of visa application form. You could save time when you arrive to Kathmandu airport. Print out the visa application form provided below, fill in before you arrive and go straight to the head of the line. Carry US dollar cash for the visa you want.

Important : This application is for use when you arrive at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu. It is not the correct form to submit if you are applying to a Nepal embassy or consulate abroad
Download : Visa Application Form

Visa and Immigration:
Do I need a visa to enter Nepal?
All foreign nationals, except Indian Citizens, need visas to enter Nepal.

What do I need to get my visa?
You need a valid passport, two passport size photos and money (cash in US Dollars).

Where do I apply to get my visa?
The best way to apply for visa is from the Royal Nepalese diplomatic missions in your home country. The other choice is to get it from Immigration office at Kathmandu international airport or other entry points of Nepal.

Now, what are the entry points of Nepal?
They are: Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu Kakarvitta (Jhapa) (Eastern Part of Nepal that has border with India) Birgunj, (Parsa) (Central Part of Nepal that has border with India) Kodari (Sindhupalchok) (Northern Border with Tibet) Belahiya, (Bhaieahwa) (Rupandehi, Western Part that has border with India) Jamunaha (Nepalgunj) (Banke, Mid-western Part that has border with India) Mohana (Dhangadhi) (Kailali, Far Western Part that has border with India) GaddaChauki (Mahendranagar) (Kanchanpur, Far Western Part that has border with India)

If you decide to obtain visa upon your arrival to Kathmandu. You need only to fill in a form and pay a fee (in US dollars cash only), but it takes a bit of time at the airport after you arrive. You could save time when you arrive to Kathmandu airport. Fill in the visa application form before you arrive and go straight to the head of the line. Carry US dollar cash for the visa you want.

If you are making a side trip to India, Bhutan or Tibet and then returning to Nepal, be sure to get a double entry visa. The visa regulations for Nepal are a bit complex. You need to decide what kind of visa to purchase depending on how long you plan to stay in Nepal. Visa fees are mentioned at the visa application form.

Print out the visa application form here

Note: According to new rule if you have already visited Nepal within the same calendar year of your visit then you do not have to pay for visa fee. Nationals of SAARC countries and China do not have to pay for visa fees.

What if I decided to stay more than 60 days in Nepal? Where and what should I do to extend my Tourist Visa?

The Immigration Department of Kathmandu can extend the visa for another 30 days and the charge for this is US$ 50. Indeed the visa can be extended for a total of 120 days, an additional 30 days visa may be granted on reasonable grounds from the Immigration Office. Nevertheless, a tourist cannot stay in Nepal under tourist-visa for more than 150 cumulative days.

My son/daughter is nine years old. Do I need to pay for my child's visa?
Any child below the 10 years of age has visa fee exemption. So the visa fee for your nine-year old child is free.

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